Our Story

To satisfy insistent demand for an excellent middle school in East Harlem, Democracy Prep sought permission to expand the Harlem Prep turnaround charter to include Grades 6 through 8. With the SUNY Charter Schools Institute having approved this request, Harlem Prep Charter Middle School opened its doors in Fall 2012 to ensure that Harlem Prep’s scholars were able to continue progressing on the path to success in college and citizenship upon completion of Grade 5. Harlem Prep 2013-2014 school year will have Grades 6 and 7 eventually expanding to Grade 8 for the 2014-2015 school year. Drawing on deep reserves of grit, scholars will grapple daily with Harlem Prep’s rigorous college-prep curriculum and will continue to work hard so that they will go to college and change the world!

Andre M. Geddes

Andrew Clay

6 – 8

The Dream Team
“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

Staff Contact List

Andre M. Geddes


Andrew Clay

Assistant Principal

Toy Giles

6th Grade ACT/Civic's Coordinator

Keisha Herelle

6th Grade Science

Mohammed Yousef

6th Grade Reading

Chantal Alison-Konteh

6th Grade Reading

Thalene Bryan

6th Grade Writing

Morgan Brown

6th Grade Math

Rachel Fuhrman

6th Grade Math

Gabriela Sarmiento

6th Grade Global Studies

Brendan O'Sullivan

Physical Education & 6th Grade, Grade Level Leader

Anthony Cannonier


Kim DeBerry

7th Grade Science

Fernanda Saavedra

7th & 8th Grade ACT/ ACT coordinator

Phil Seidle

7th Grade History

Harbir Mahal

7th Grade Math

Darlene Okpo

7th Grade Reading

Tim Jinks

7th Grade Reading

Melice Thompson

7th Grade Writing

Paul Asjes

Leader U Resident & 7th Grade Reading/ Grade Level Leader

Qamrosh Khan

All Grades ACT

Anthony Alexandre

8th Grade Reading

Zakiyah Nicklette

8th Grade Reading

Emmalee Rainey

8th Grade & Grade Level Leader

Hakimah Albritton

8th Grade Math & Algebra

Shautai Quinlon

8th Grade History

Zuheila Jason-Bhola

Theater Teacher

Jonathan Young

8th & 7th Grade ACT/ELL's Coordinator

Ashley Charleston

8th Grade Writing

Richard Larkin

8th Grade Math

Eric Smiley

Scholar Support Specialist

Kyrie Sutton

Behavior Support Specialist

Erica Wolfe

Social Worker

Shayika Sutton

Social Worker

Karina Tavarez

Family Impact Coordinator

Crystal Lopez


Cristal Batista


David Gardner

Operations and Technology Associate

DPNY Board of Directors

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